Building Web and Mobile ArcGIS Server Applications with JavaScript

ArcGIS Server is the predominant platform used to develop GIS applications for the Web. There are a number of programming languages you can use to develop applications with ArcGIS Server, including JavaScript, Flex, and Silverlight. JavaScript has become the preferred language for developing applications on this platform, since it can be used for both web and mobile applications and doesn’t require the installation of a plugin for the application to be used in a browser. Flex and Silverlight both fall short as languages for mobile development and both require the use of a plugin for the application to run in a browser. This book will teach you how to build web-based GIS applications using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Using a practical, hands-on style of learning, you will learn how to develop fully functional applications with ArcGIS Server and develop a skill set that is in high demand.
You will learn how to create maps and add geographic layers from a variety of sources, including tiled and dynamic map services. In addition, you’ll learn how to add graphics to the map and stream geographic features to the browser using FeatureLayer. Most applications also include specific functionalities implemented by ArcGIS Server as tasks. You’ll learn how to use the various tasks provided by ArcGIS Server, including queries, identification of features, finding features by attributes, geoprocessing tasks, and more. Finally, you’ll learn just how easy it is to develop mobile applications with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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